Wine Table / Planter in marquetry Boulle 19th

Little Table in marquetry Boulle 19th Maximize

6 500 €

Wine Table / Planter in marquetry Boulle 19th

Napoléon III period - Perfect condition


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Planter / Raffraichissoir

Napoleon III in Boulle marquetry

Period Napoléon III

Perfect condition

Wonderful work of marquetry all sides.

Table  decorated with brass bronze .

Opening a zinc redone.

The model is rare mounted on was central column.

Bronze is exceptional, rich and finely worked.

stamped DD


Dimensions (in cm) :     diameter : 70 cm       height : 80 cm


<<< Daubet and Dumarest, cabinetmakers in Lyon, 2 rue d'Algerie, presented at the World's Fair of 1855 an important office whose top was a medal maker which was acquired by the Empress for the sum of 26000 F. Only Dumarest continued excercé after 1860 >>> extract dictionary of cabinetmakers of XIX page 151


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