Stamped Bellenot Pair of Cabinet 19th Napoléon III

Pair of Cabinet in Boulle marquetry 19th Napoléon III Maximize

9 000 €

Stamped Bellenot Pair of Cabinet 19th Napoléon III

Napoleon III period - Perfect condition

stamped Eugéne Bellenot


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Pair of Cabinet 

Napoleon III period Louis XIV Style

Perfect condition

Stamped Bellenot Eugéne


<<<<Eugène Bellenot (1830-1892), and Marie Virginie Gizolmes (1837-1894), rich heiress of a Parisian family of hardware stores, were traders in luxury goods, furniture, clocks, bronze objects.
They bought a certain amount of land and built pavilions in Colombes.
Bellenot knows how to assimilate, so to speak, the spirit of old models to his creations. Its conception is the "search for beauty".
The beautiful, a noble but in truth! It is by walking in this way since 1856, the date of the foundation of his house, that M Eugéne Bellenot has seen his efforts crowned with complete success.>>>>


 Keys and locks


Interior rosewood with 2 shelves.

Black Wooden top  in perfect condition,

In doors : 

Dionysus, in Roman mythology, is the god of the vine, wine, theater, party and madness in Greek mythology. Son of Zeus and the mortal Semele. Bacchus corresponding to Dionysos in Greek mythology.

Ceres in Roman mythology, is the goddess of cultivated land, fertile land, agriculture and harvests. Demeter corresponding to Ceres in Greek mythology.


Dimensions (in cm) :    height: 108 cm     width: 110 cm      depth: 55 cm


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